Since 110+ years

In 1903 the Duncan family arrived in Athens, where they resolved to remain and there establish a place for dance to be experienced in a fluid relationship with everyday living.

Designed according to the specifications of the ancient Mycenaean mansion, this building is one of the very few venues worldwide that have been created specifically for dance and that, a hundred years later, are still serving this purpose. It is the realization of the Duncans’ utopian vision of a space where dance is in a constant, fluid relationship with day-to-day life. This first House of Dance is the foundation of today’s Duncan Center.

In 1980, the Municipality of Byronas – responding to the call of international organizations and honoring Isadora Duncan’s work and legacy – undertook the renovation of the building, which has been characterized by the Ministry of Culture as a Modern Monument. The relevant work was completed in 1992.

The Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center belongs to the Municipality of Byronas and is administered by a fifteen-member Board of Directors, chaired by Giorgos Arvanitis.

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