The Art of Non-Doing: a laboratory platform for meditation and movement

The Art of Non-Doing: a laboratory platform for meditation and movement

…we aren’t practicing to make things perfect or to do things perfectly…but to realize (make real for ourselves) the fact that things already are perfect… holding the present moment in its fullness without imposing anything extra on it, perceiving the purity of the present moment and the freshness of its potential to give rise to the next moment.
Then knowing what is what, seeing as clearly as possible, and conscious of not knowing more than we actually do, we act, make a move, take a stand, take a chance.

On Kapana hill, below Mt. Ymittos, the south-eastern side of the city, within a building of wood and stone in full light, away from the urban zone of ​​Athens, an art sanctuary is being conceived and formed.

A platform of community making where an art tribe with a culture of inner calmness, awareness and trust in the present moment, can be recognized and nurtured, a platform of connecting movement improvisation with the discipline of meditation where dance and performance practices are integrated with the samatha vipashyana technique.


There are 6 three-hour sessions:

  • presence and openness
  • movement as meditation and meditation as movement
  • an art sanctuary in the city.

Devised and Facilitated by Anna Tzakou

The laboratory is followed by the workshop:

Mudra Space Awareness: Meditation in Action-a physical theatre practice based on ancient Tibetan monastic dance forms.

by Professor Lee Worley (founding member of Joseph Chaikin’s Open Theatre and Naropa University’s group faculty)

20 April to 2 May 2018


Duncan Dance Research Center
43, Chrysafis, Vironas

Dates and Hours:
Saturdays, 12 pm-3 pm

10 and 24 February
10 and 31 March
14 and 21 April

40 euros per month
15 euros drop in for the first month and
20 euros for the other two
17% off for the price of all 6 meetings.

For more information and registration contact Anna Tzakou,

Anna Tzakou is a performer and director from Athens. She studied acting in Thessaloniki and contemporary performance practice in the United States (Naropa University, Boulder, CO). She holds a PhD in Performance Practice entitled Geopoetics; a mindfulness (sati) site-specific performance practice (Exeter, UK). In her research she devises a body-landscape performance practice where the Buddhist concepts of mindfulness (sati), selflessness (anatta) and emptiness (sunyata) become principles of the creative process. She is trained in somatics movement (BMC), Grotowski-based psychophysical actor training and contemplative dance practices ( / Barbara Dilley). She has taught workshops for actor training, movement and meditation in theater companies, cultural centers and the Drama Department at Exeter University. Since 2008, she is a meditation practitioner of Shambhala and studies Shambhala art practice.