Sofia Mavragani / FINGERSIX

Improvisation Research Workshop 

September 24 – October 14, 2018 
I. & R. Duncan Dance Research Center

After five years of research on the relationship between play and performing arts, choreographer Sofia Mavragani is sharing her research experience. The observations and practices that were written down in the course of the artistic and educational project playforPLACE in 17 cities all over the world, get systematized in the research workshop imPROject that the artists can attend free of charge. 

This model workshop focuses on the way that the playful structures interfere with the artistic result, enrich it and finally shape it. ImPROject aims to provide a space for the moulding and finally the shaping of a new improvisation method.

The program focuses on the exploration of strategies of instantaneous creation of kinesiology/ somatic material, composition and performance. The playful body will converse with the moving body and the properties of play will constitute the pretext and the frame for developing and applying the tools of improvisation to the act of dancing. It also focuses on the exploration of ways through which the performers can enrich and strengthen their performing and kinesiological vocabulary, stimulate their creativity and imagination, trust their choices with clarity, focus, and free their potential artistic capabilities.

The workshop, through the experience of a frame where strict rules coexist and converse with the freedom of expression, as a game of rules, offers the opportunity for grasping, but also training in the process of improvised decision-making. 

ImPROject will lead to an improvisation presentation open to the public on Saturday October 13, 2018 at the I. & R. Duncan Dance Research Center (34 Chrissafisst., Vironas, Athens).

Those interested are kindly requested to submit the following at with the title “imPROject / Full name” until September 1st, 2018. 
1. Brief curriculum vitae (100 words)
2. Letter of interest (100-150 words)
3. Link to a video with kinetic material, posted on Vimeo or YouTube

The participants that will be chosen, will be notified until September 7, 2018. The program, that is provided free of charge for the participants, will take place with the kind support of The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation and the I. & R. Duncan Dance Research Center. 

Further information 

Dates and hours: Monday to Sunday, September 24 – October 14 2018, 10.00 – 14.00. Total duration: 84 hours
Venue: I. & R. Duncan Dance Research Center, 34 Chrissafisst., Vironas, P.C.: 162 32, tel.: +30 210 76 21 234, 

With the kind support of J. F. COSTOPOULOS FOUNDATION 

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playforPLACE is an international artistic and educational performing arts project through which choreographer Sofia Mavragani explores the function and the performative potential of the act of playing. It has taken place for 5 consecutive years, from 2012-2016, in 17 cities all over the world. In every city, the choreographer cooperated with different artists and organizations, co-shaping together with a local artist a special experimental workshop-game, based on co-teaching and artistic exchange in practice. To this moment, she has visited the countries: Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia, New Zealand, Iceland, Cyprus, Argentina, Austria, Constantinople and Belgium, while in Greece, she has visited the cities Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Trikala, Kastoria and Corfu. Over the period of 2015-2016, the project had the kind support of The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation.

Sofia Mavragani studied ΒusinessΑdministration/ Μarketing at the Athens School of Economics, and then choreography/ dance making at the ArtEZ-University of Arts, Arnhem, NL (BA in Dance Making). Her educational activity is characterized by the creation of original educational arts projects. Among other things, she has designed and conducted the original artistic and educational project playforPLACE that has travelled to 17 cities all over the world, in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Oceania, while the creative workshop for cooperation between young choreographers and musicians-composers BREAKING ART is held every year as a production of The Athens Concert Hall Organization. Meanwhile, she teaches improvisation and choreography in several dance centers and academies in Greece and abroad. Her works have been presented at several festivals and venues in Greece and abroad, such as: documenta14, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Megaron: The Athens Concert Hall, State Theatre of Northern Greece, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Dimitria Festival, MIRfestival, Park your ID festival (Maastricht), Dance Days International Festival (Chania), Apollon Theatre (Syros), ΤeatroBelisario (Buenos Aires), TeatroLagrada (Madrid), etc. She is a founding member of the international artistic network FINGERSIX, and of the group FINGERSIX/Athens.