Now is Now Collective 22.04 – 26.04. 2014

Now is Now Collective 22.04 – 26.04. 2014

NiN_pictsNow is Now Collective is an international group made from professional musicians and dancers from Greece, Switzerland, Italy and France; Athens is their meeting and working base. The project has been initiated in January 2014 by Dafni Stefanou and supported by Penelope Iliaskou the director of the Duncan Choreographic Research Centre.

The work inside the collective is exclusively based on improvisation. The artists use the multiple possibilities offered by the present moment in order to create poetic music/ dance pieces.


The high quality of listening and awareness, developed through the regular common work, provides a strong ground for the creation of these ephemeral pieces. The diversity of the personalities involved and their different backgrounds (classical music, contemporary circus, contemporary dance, jazz music) offers the group a wide range of possibilities and highlights its unique character. Using improvisation as a practice and performance medium opens a creative space for each individual inside the group and offers the spectator, in a real time process, a space to project his/her own imagination.

The members of the collective arNiN_picts-2e:
Jonas Kocher, accordion (CH)
Paulina Kremasta, dance (GR)
Ilan Manouach, soprano saxophone (GR)
Vanessa Spinasa, dance (GR)
Marion Renard, dance/soprano saxophone (FR)
Vasiliki Tsagkari, dance (GR)
Guido De Flaviis, saxophones (IT)
Dafni Stefanou, dance (GR)
Georgios Amendas, bass guitar/dance (GR)

Pictures from the 1st performance on 08.02.2014. © Anastasia Tseliou