The Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center (DDRC) was founded in 1980 by the Municipality of Byronas.  It is housed in a unique building of historic and architectural value, designed and built in 1903 by Isadora Duncan’s brother Raymond Duncan.
Today, DDRC is

  • a founding member of EDN (European Dancehouses Network ), an exciting Network that establishes the dialogue between artists, art managers and audiences questioning the aspects of cultural exchanges in Europe,
  • an international residency center for individual artists or dance companies elaborating experimental and research projects,
  • a platform for the presentation of small-scale works (indoor and outdoor venue),
  • a field of exploration and technical as well as artistic development in dance for kids and amateurs,
  • a forum for the exchange of critical discourse and ideas among artists, the public and members of the local community,
  • an environmental frame for installations, site-specific works and other interdisciplinary projects,
  • a point of reference and source of inspiration for all the dance community and researchers of the Isadora & Raymond Duncan legacy


As a supporter of experimentation and creative development in the field of contemporary performance practices, DDRC hosts a wide range of activities, including

  • small scale presentations of dance works to site specific events,
  • research programs,
  • courses for children and adults,
  • workshops,
  • international residencies for dance artists,
  • provision of rehearsal space to dance companies and individual artists.

The DDRC Dance School, which counts over 400 students – both children and adults – is at the core of the Center’s educational program.

DDRC has developed partnerships with national and international collaborators (Kalamata Dance Festival, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, EDN, the French Institute, the British Council, The University of Athens, local schools, etc).

Since 2006, in collaboration with its international (European Dancehouses Network-EDN and modul dance project /five years long European program of Culture 2007-2013) and local partners, DDRC has set and served a new goal: to provide support and opportunities at every stage of the choreographic process, including research, residency and mobility of the artist, as well as in the production, presentation and dissemination of the artist’s work.