20/07/2018 OPEN CALL

After five years of research on the relationship between play and performing arts, choreographer Sofia Mavragani is sharing her research experience. The observations and practices that were written down in the course of the artistic and educational project playforPLACE in 17 cities all over the

07/02/2018 The Art of Non-Doing: a laboratory platform for meditation and movement

…we aren't practicing to make things perfect or to do things perfectly…but to realize (make real for ourselves) the fact that things already are perfect… holding the present moment in its fullness without imposing anything extra on it, perceiving the purity of the present moment

05/01/2013 Insisiting in Athens

With the strong belief that art and collectivities can rend these crude days thrilling, Duncan Dance Research Center hosts for the whole feast period of Christmas and New Year (21-/12/2012 till 6/1/2013) Jurij Konjar, Slovenian performer and choreographer and Maura Gahan (dancer) and Gregory Corbino