You are currently viewing imPROject – open Improvisation Workshop with Sofia Mavragani 8,9/2 and 22,23/2 and 7,8/3 2020 DUNCAN DANCE CENTER

imPROject – open Improvisation Workshop with Sofia Mavragani 8,9/2 and 22,23/2 and 7,8/3 2020 DUNCAN DANCE CENTER

ImPROject focuses on the ways in which the structures and elements of playing interfere with, enrich, and finally shape the artistic result. The aim is to develop and implement original tools used to activate perception, manage information, channel it into action, and coexist. The final result concerns the creation of a self-regulatory stage system where performers function as players.


The workshop focuses on the exploration of ways through which the performers can enrich and strengthen their performing and kinesiological vocabulary, stimulate their creativity and imagination, trust their choices with clarity, focus, and free their potential artistic capabilities. Through the experience of a frame where strict rules coexist and converse with the freedom of expression, as a game of rules, it offers the opportunity for grasping, but also training in the process of improvised decision-making.


imPROject contemplates improvisation as a special technique that requires absolute activation and practiced percection. It is based on a system of tools that supports instant reception, transformation and communication of immediate information and redefines the notion of «playing» on stage.


The research process begins with the observations and practices recorded by choreographer Sofia Mavragani through the course of the artistic and educational project playforPLACE in 17 cities all over the world, examining the relation between playing and performing arts, These practices have been studied and further developed in the frame of two intensive workshops that took place the last two years with the kind support of The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation and the Duncan Dance Research Center.

Dates: 8,9/2 and 22,23/2 and 7,8/3 2020

Time: 12.00-15.00

Participants can follow either the whole program or separate blocks. The process is independently progressive.

Block 1: recognition, reception, management of information – RECEIVE

Block 2: elaboration, transformation of information – TRANSFORM

Block 3: communication of information – SEND AND PLAY


Participation fee: one block: 50 euros / 2 blocks: 90 euros / 3 blocks: 120 euros