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Insisiting in Athens

With the strong belief that art and collectivities can rend these crude days thrilling, Duncan Dance Research Center hosts for the whole feast period of Christmas and New Year (21-/12/2012 till 6/1/2013) Jurij Konjar, Slovenian performer and choreographer and Maura Gahan (dancer) and Gregory Corbino (musician), members of the Bread and Puppet Theatre (USA), one of the most deeply political activist theatrical companies in the history of street art.

Around these three artists, a circle of people will be created, formed by artists, technicians, supporters, who bring in their potential, their material and/or their issues and desire to interfere in these actions on a daily or non daily basis.

επι-μενοντας 1With Duncan Center as starting point, the group will perform and also rehearse in different spaces every day, facing a different audience, with a changing cast, changing roles, (dancer, musician, story teller, puppeteer, acrobat), immerging in Athens’ web and atmosphere, weaving collectivities, fighting against the desertification of the public space, giving voice to what has been suppressed and covered in the tumult of the last events, in Greece but not only in Greece.

The consistence and texture of the actions will be formed and transformed day by day, depending on the presence and availability of the participants.

In parallel with the email correspondence, radio stations and online magazines, the events and spaces will be announced daily by an event page in Facebook. Something like a treasure hunting game…